vento ludens celebrated its second wind farm approval in Scotland. On 24th August 2012, following an appeal process, planning permission was granted for 6 turbines by the Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals.
The project will generate roughly 53,000 MWh annually. This will provide enough clean energy to meet the average electricity needs for 11,277 households.
Works commenced on the 6 turbine wind farm at Edintore near Keith in 2016.
The project is being built by vento ludens in partnership with Koehler Renewable Energy. We have contracted Enercon and civil engineers Raymond Brown who have now started preliminary work on the site in preparation for the turbine foundations being laid.
Commenting on the project Nicolas Christoph, Corporate Director of Koehler Renewable Energy said: “We are very pleased to be contributing to the development of a clean renewable energy project. We have been working with vento ludens on this project for some time and it is pleasing to see work starting. We are also happy to be supporting local communities through the community benefit payments scheme as part of this development.”
The project will also bring significant community benefit funding into the local area for a total of 25 years. Once the project is fully operational, the community will receive £70k each year and will provide a financial boost in supporting local community projects.

Facts about Edintore Wind Farm:

Installed capacity: 14,1 MW
System type: Enercon E-92, 2.35 MW
Hub height: 78m
Commissioned: August 2016