In February 2019 the application for Planning Permission for a proposed Wind Farm at Lurg Hill was granted, following an appeal to Scottish Ministers. This followed an extensive consultation and planning process, during which vento ludens met with local community members. The project received no objections from Community Councils, Scottish Natural Heritage, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency or Historic Environment Scotland.

Lurg Hill is a site located in Moray Scotland approximately 7.5 km south of Cullen and 8.5 km northeast of Keith. The site’s current land use is as a plantation of commercial forestry at varying ages of maturity.

Environmental studies of the site have been conducted for a number of years to determine its potential for wind farm development. In July of 2015 the initial findings of these investigations were compiled into a Scoping Report and submitted for comment to the Local Planning Authority, The Moray Council. At this time a 6 turbine proposal was envisaged.

A Public Exhibition was held in December 2015 to present a draft wind farm design and environmental data about the site. This exhibition took place at the Jubilee Hall in Deskford, close to the Lurg Hill site. Following examination of all the environmental constraints identified on and around the site, the design was updated to reposition and reduce the overall number of turbines from 6 down to 5.

The scale of turbine is up to 130 m to tip height and up to 85 m to hub height.

vento ludens are now progressing with the discharge of planning conditions and are committed to working with local supply chain wherever possible to deliver the project.

Enquiries relating to this project can be directed to Matthew Haughton ().