Communities / Municipalities

The attractiveness of a municipality is made up of various features: social concerns play the central role, but ecology and economic success are also of great importance. Through the implementation of renewable energy projects, both sustainable development and complementary regional value creation can be enabled at the municipal level.

Through the implementation of renewable energy projects, municipalities can benefit in many ways. Be it as lessors of the land, as co-partners or simply by collecting taxes from income and revenue that remain in the region. This not only stimulates the economy. It also gives local people the opportunity to obtain electricity from a regional and climate-friendly energy source and thus become less dependent on fluctuating energy prices. Across generations.

The vento ludens operates an open communication culture and involves residents, local stakeholders and interested parties. In this way, we inform the authorities and local councils, neighbours and landowners as well as farmers about our steps and respond to the questions of the people from the region. This is what we understand by partnership.

We don’t just want to initiate a project in the field of wind, water or solar energy and then leave the work and development in other hands – we want to accompany you in the long term.

Our technologies

The global demand for energy is growing and growing. At the same time, fossil fuel resources are dwindling. The time to rethink here has long since arrived.

With electricity from renewable energies, we use the power of wind, sun and water to successfully drive this rethink.

The company

As a planner, investor and operator for wind power and photovoltaic plants, we continuously accompany our customers in site development. Our medium-sized family business has been leading the way for 20 years with visions and the courage for new development strategies.

For landowners

Do you own land and would like to invest in a wind power or solar plant? There are several good solutions to use a suitable site for this. Our main interest is to support you as a partner in your region in the long term and reliably.