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Renewable energies offer many opportunities. Whether you as a municipality want to cover a certain part of your electricity demand with renewable resources or want to revitalise the economy in your municipality through our activities is something that has to be considered on an individual basis. Together we will discuss the best way forward for you.

As an owner, you can lease or sell your area to us or develop it into sites with us. We also advise companies that own land or buildings with corresponding roof space that is suitable for development with renewable energies.
For anyone who cares about a sustainable energy policy, we offer a tailor-made solution.

Project participation at a glance

Communities / Municipalities

A region lives from its attractiveness. Regionally implemented energy projects make a sustainable contribution to this at the municipal level.

We advise you on planning and support you in the implementation of renewable energy projects. Open, fair and transparent at your side.

Land owners

Your land is your capital. You can use this land even more effectively, generating long-term and permanent rental income without additional expenditure. How to do it?

Make your land available for wind energy, hydropower or photovoltaic plants. You can find out everything you need to know here.


Renewable energies are a well-secured and long-term investment opportunity. As international experts in this field with many years of experience, we offer you participation in our projects and thus secured returns.

Security. Competence. Trust.

Social projects

Gofila in Burkina Faso – a village with a future

Success wants to be shared. And we are happy to do so. The vento ludens Group therefore supports the association “Hilfe für Burkina Faso e.V.” (We help Gofila and neighbouring regions in Burkina Faso), which was founded by the Walz family and their friends.

We do not simply want to act as supporters, but rather to help people to help themselves. For the village of Gofila in Burkina Faso (Kaya Province), with its 5,000 inhabitants, has many energetic hands who, with eagerness and great joy, implement the improvements and new achievements together with the helpers.

In addition to donations in kind in the form of containers with relief goods, it was mainly through monetary donations that great projects could be implemented.

To avoid the problem of the dry season, the shallow wells commonly used there were replaced by six deep wells. In addition to better drinking water quality, these also enable more efficient cultivation of the agricultural land, the “market garden”.

Since 2013, we are happy to have found an ambitious fellow campaigner in Mr Annicet Ouedraogo, who organises and coordinates all construction measures, projects and concerns of the villagers on site.

In summer 2015, the construction of a primary school was completed and many children could look forward to starting school. In 2017, a secondary school (college) followed directly next to the primary school.

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The athlete Meggan Dawson-Farrell –
a woman with power

The vento ludens is the proud sponsor of Scottish athlete Meggan Dawson-Farrell.

Meggan’s discipline is wheelchair racing. In this sport it is difficult to get the funds for training and competition. When Meggan came to our attention, we immediately wanted to support her. Because this young woman is an extremely self-confident athlete who is going her way with great potential and commitment.

Meggan was born in 1993 with spina bifida, a malformation of the spine in which one or more vertebrae do not form properly. This malformation leads to damage to the nervous system and thus to limited mobility.

The sponsorship covers part of Meggan’s training and competition fees and enables her to live her passion for the sport. We sincerely wish Meggan all the best for this and look forward to each of her further successes.